Pog'gil Underbush

Male Dwarf: Blacksmith, Metallurgist, and Leather crafter.


Name: Pog’gil Underbush
Race: Dwarf
Sex: Male
Hieght: 3’ 8"
Wieght: 250 LBS
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Type: Shaggy and unkeeped
Beard: Brown long and combed
Skin: Earth tone

Outfit: Tunic and trousers with fur over tunic, ( rabbit and rat sewen to a large badger pelt)
Belt with and Sporran pouch(with family name in runes on front made of red deer hide)
Leather boots that tie in the front and has thick souls plus metal toe cover.

Always has a back pack on with gear in it.(simply blacksmithing tools and survival gear-bed roll, fishing, sewing kit, cooking pots and utinsils)

Shield on the side of back pack and warhammer (hand and a half) on his right side(Thor hammer with lighting ingraved in the sides).

Pog'gil Underbush

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